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"Diamond Dolly exceeded all expectations when we hired her for our anniversary party. Everyone loved the show, her costumes looked amazing and she sounded so like the real Dolly. Lallie was so friendly and easy to get on with also and very flexible around our timings especially as our speeches ran over a bit!" Rob Hewitt

"Wow, wow, wow what a fantastic night - Diamond Dolly is just made for the part - such a pretty girl and she's really got the accent down to a T! Love it!!!" Sarah White

"Extraordinary likeness to the real thing - very impressed" Tom Jacks

"Would recommend Diamond Dolly to anyone who loves a bit of country - what a fabulous show!! Will remember this for a long time to come" Lynda Greenacre

"Lovely, we really enjoyed it Dolly was BRILLIANT!" Keller, Bracknall

"Very very good, absolutely amazing, brilliant, sounded exactly the same as Dolly Parton!" Keller, Bracknall

"It was really good, we've actually been to see the real Dolly Parton and you were really good as well - I loved how you brought her sense of humour into it as well - some of her jokes!" Keller, Bracknall 2016




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